Doug Thomas Communications is a one-person freelance copywriting business established in 2002 and based in Oceanside, Calif.

Prior, I worked in several related capacities including:

Resume writing, freelance

Manuscript typing/document formatting, freelance

Newspaper reporter including four years at the now-defunct North (San Diego) County Times, during which I contributed approximately 350 feature stories, freelance

Newspaper columnist for a newspaper in New Mexico and another in Colorado, freelance

News writer/newscaster for a local radio station (KRTN) in New Mexico, paid position

I’ve written eight novels – four finished, none published (yet) – and a lot of humorous material including websites, plays, parodies and sketches. I play the guitar and have written more than 500 songs (lyrics and music) from my teen years to present. I mention this just to show that my writing and creativity move through many arenas, which benefits any singular type of work I’m doing.

Since 2002 I’ve worked with web and ad agencies, private businesses and entrepreneurs as well as a few nonprofits and municipalities. I never farm out writing assignments to other writers.

I was born in California and have lived for five years or more in Azusa, Covina, and Oceanside, Calif.; Concord, N.H.; Lake Whitney, Texas; and Raton, N.M.

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