Located just north of San Diego, Doug Thomas Communications was established in 2002 as a one-person freelance copywriting business that creates ALL content in-house for ad agencies, web design firms, private businesses and entrepreneurs.


Background Up to This Point

I didn’t just get off the bus yesterday. I’ve been off it for several days now, and that’s been enough time to teach me things about writing the English language they don’t teach you in school. If you’re looking for a marketing writer with experience, intuition, integrity and the ability to manipulate words to make them sound however he wants, this is a good place to start the search.

My background as a writer goes back long before 2002, when I launched Doug Thomas Communications from a small town in northern New Mexico. It started as a child, when I wrote plays and scripts and sketches; it continued into my teen years as I wrote song lyrics (and music); as a young adult I wrote novels, eight in total, none published (yet); a little later I wrote more than 350 feature articles for a large daily newspaper.

Then I decided it was time to start making some money with all these words, and I moved into copywriting and marketing as a freelancer. Everything I’ve done up to this point helps me every day in putting together words that inform, influence and direct for the many clients I work with. No, I didn’t just get off the bus – or to use another old cliche, I’ve been around the block a few times, so many times I feel like the sidewalk.

People who hire people like me do so for a variety of reasons. If you have a reason, I have a way to improve your marketing communications and get you closer to that top you’ve been aiming at. I’m based in Oceanside, Calif., and work with ad agencies, web design forms, private businesses and entrepreneurs throughout the U.S. I hope we can work together when the time is right.


Business Principles

No outsourcing: I’ve made it my policy from the beginning to never farm out work to other writers. This benefits me in that I never have to make excuses for other people’s work. It benefits you when we regularly work together because you get content that has a singular touch and tempo. No two writers can perfectly mimic one another’s writing style.

Original content: The words I write for you will be unique and all yours. They will pass Copyscape and any other plagiarism checker. While I may write about universal topics and use other writing on a given topic as a reference, I will give my piece a unique structure.

You own the material: I will never re-use any content I’ve written for you in any capacity other than possibly including it on my website as a writing sample. When you pay me for my work, all rights to what I’ve written are yours.

Competing clients: If I’m approached to write copy for a dairy farm in Maryland and then a week later a dairy farm in Wisconsin wishes to hire me, I’ll take both jobs. I will not, however, write for two Wisconsin dairy farms.


Work Process

The first step for first-time jobs usually is a phone call so we can get to know one another and so you can tell me your ideas and what you want to accomplish with our work. It’s during this conversation, or through subsequent e-mails, that I’ll get all the data I need to provide a price and a timeline estimate.


Typically I’ll ask for a deposit of one-third or one-half in advance, with the remainder due upon completion. I’m happy to return a signed NDA and a W-9 prior to commencement. I prefer PayPal for payments, but a check is fine, too.

I do all work in Microsoft Word. I can send drafts and final copies in this format by e-mail, or I can upload to Dropbox, Word 365 other file-sharing systems.


Two or three drafts are usually sufficient. More may be necessary, based on many factors, and we’ll talk about this if it looks like the project will be complex. I’ll create a first draft and deliver it. You can make changes, additions or notes to this document and return it to me for proofing, or we can talk about specifics on the phone. I’ll send you a “cleaned up” version, which is often the final version, although another round may be necessary.


Once I understand the scope of the project, I’ll be able to give you a close idea on how long everything on my end will take. I will meet any deadline I agree to.

For very large projects or ongoing work, I normally send invoices once or twice a month. All invoices will contain line items showing each segment of work and the cost for each segment. [Info on pricing]

For most projects, I prefer to work from a set price that we agree on in advance. I also can work by the hour. My hourly rate of $60 can be beneficial to both of us when a project is particularly complex and/or involves potentially time-consuming issues that will need to be sorted out as work proceeds.




Reach out. Let’s get something started.
(760) 231-5258 | doug@dougthomas.biz