Getting Started

The first step for first-time jobs usually is a phone call so we can get to know one another and so you can tell me your ideas and what you want to accomplish with our work. It’s during this conversation, or through subsequent e-mails, that I’ll get all the data I need to provide a price and a timeline estimate.


Normally I’ll ask for a deposit of one-third or one-half in advance, with the remainder due upon completion. I’m happy to return a signed NDA and a W-9 prior to commencement. I prefer PayPal for payments, but a check is fine, too.


I do all work in Microsoft Word. I can send drafts and final copies in this format by e-mail, or I can upload to Dropbox other file-sharing systems.


Two or three drafts are usually sufficient. More may be necessary, based on many factors, and we’ll talk about this if it looks like the project will be complex.

I’ll create a first draft and deliver it. You can make changes, additions or notes to this document and return it to me for proofing, or we can talk about specifics on the phone. I’ll send you a “cleaned up” version, which is often the final version, although another round may be necessary.


Once I understand the scope of the project, I’ll be able to give you a close idea on how long everything on my end will take. I will meet any deadline I agree to.

Extended Billing

For very large projects or ongoing assignments, I normally send invoices once or twice a month. All invoices will contain line items showing each segment of work and the cost for that segment.

By the Job / By the Hour

For most projects, I prefer to work from a set price that we agree on in advance. I also can work by the hour. My hourly rate of $60 can be beneficial to both of us when a project is particularly complex and/or involves potentially time-consuming issues that will need to be sorted out as work proceeds. Here are pricing parameters for many common projects.

Material Rights

I don’t expect my name to appear anywhere within the material I write for you or in any reference to the material. I claim no ownership of any content I create.

Unique, Original Content

I will never use copy I write for one client in a project for another client. Although I might use general industry knowledge gained while writing for one client to help me in writing for someone else in a similar industry, I will never duplicate specific data, research or descriptions I create.

Additionally, I will not copy word-for-word an entire reference data piece or significant sections of it when creating content from that source. An example is when my blogging clients send directives containing reference articles to use as the foundation for fresh pieces. My work for you will be original and will pass Copyscape and other duplicate-content policing systems, guaranteed.


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