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New Orleans Souvenirs: Don’t go home without them!

Everybody loves souvenirs, and no place has more of them than New Orleans.  Whether you’re a Yankee from up north (i.e., Shreveport), or from somewhere way far away, like Texas, it’s not hard finding the most memorable keepsakes to take back to wherever you call home.

Perfume: But not just any perfume, rather parfum, from Hove Parfumeur with its famous shop in the heart of the French Quarter.  Cool souvenir choices include parfum, cologne, body oils and massage oils.  Scents are designed for both women and men.

Hats: “Style is of the Essence,” says Meyer the Hatter, the largest hat store in the South.  If it goes on your head, it’s here, and it’s not junk like you get at So-and-So-Mart.  Choose from classy Ozark, Stetson, Henschel, Panama, Bailey and so many other styles that have made Meyer the Hatter a New Orleans tradition since 1894.

Jewelry: At the Mignon Faget Galleries in New Orleans and surrounding areas, you can get the perfect souvenirs to accent your already beautiful body.  Bracelets, earrings, chains, pendants, necklaces and other fine pieces for both sexes.

Pralines: There’s nothing like authentic New Orleans pralines, and you’ll confirm this when you visit Aunt Sally’s Original Creole Pralines.  These addictive confections could be called candy, but that’s such a boring word for these explosive delectables.  Take home a bunch, and share them with unfortunates who don’t know about Aunt Sally’s.  Your popularity rating is guaranteed to rise.

New Orleans Sazerac glasses: A “sazerac” is a yummy drink typically made with cognac, rye whiskey, absinthe, sugar and bitters.  It’s a famous New Orleans beverage – and just as famous are the Roosevelt Hotel Official Sazerac Cocktail Glasses.  Of course, you can use the glasses for anything, but when in New Orleans, you’ll want to enjoy this luscious traditional cocktail just like the locals do.

Alligator wallets: In addition to hot sauce, Mardi Gras, jazz and a million other things, southern Louisiana is known for its alligators.  At Inst-a-Gator, right across Lake Pontchartrain in Covington, you can see the real thing, and you can buy the real thing after it has been made into a useful thing like unique wallets and belts.

Hot sauce: And speaking of this local table staple, don’t forget to pick up a few bottles of the taste that says “New Orleans” like few other souvenir items can.  Sure, you can get brands such as McIlhenny Tabasco pepper sauce, Crystal Hot Sauce, and the original Louisiana Hot Sauce all over the country.  But you might just find a little extra magic in the bottles when you buy them here.

Community Coffee: Made in Baton Rouge but crazy-popular all over New Orleans and the rest of the state, Community Coffee is a standard that no souvenir basket should be without.  Four generations of roasting experience contribute to every wonderful cup.  Buy some, take it home and drink the coffee New Orleans drinks.

Visiting New Orleans without buying some souvenirs would be like going to the ball game and not eating a hot dog.  So indulge yourself and bring home a little Cajun flair on your next trip.

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