Client: Chula Vista Elementary School District


We’re Doing the Right Things for Our Kids

And people are taking notice

Exciting things are happening in your Chula Vista Elementary School District, and we thought you’d like to hear about several of them.

Not everyone knows that we have been chosen as one of a small number of school districts throughout the United States to work closely with The Ball Foundation, an Illinois-based nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing school performance.

Representatives of the foundation’s Education Initiatives team, accompanied by officials from an Illinois school district also partnering with The Ball Foundation, visited us in October.

“What’s happening in Chula Vista is truly unique, if you look across the country,” said Bob Hill, superintendent of the Springfield, Illinois, School District.  “We had to come and learn and see what we could take back to our district.  Over the next five years, the foundation will study our progress and offer valuable input as we continue to increase productivity within our thirty-seven schools.”

We are proud of this partnership and proud that our efforts are being recognized by others, such as Elizabeth Duffy, executive director of The Ball Foundation.

“They’ve turned themselves into a student-centered district,” Duffy said of CVESD.  “They stand out in the nation as a particularly innovative district and one that puts students at the center of everything they do.”

During our partnership with The Ball Foundation and beyond, we will:

  • Raise the academic achievement levels of all students
  • Continue to foster individual school accountability and responsibility
  • Enhance our Shared Vision, Shared Values and student-based decision-making philosophy
  • Develop a Learning Leadership institute
  • Work with four to six schools to create a Community of Partnership Schools that will participate in a productivity-building effort.

Our relationship with The Ball Foundation is just one way we strive to meet the educational needs of all students, says CVESD Superintendent Libia Gil.

“There is no room for compromise in setting high expectations, rigorous standards and powerful learning for all students,” Gil said.  “However, how we get there can and should be flexible.”

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